Invited speaker: "Brains, oscillations, aging, and Parkinson’s disease", Undergraduate Program in Biology, U of Arizona, May 25, 2016.

Invited speaker:  “Effort-reward decision making: Neural systems and neuromodulation”, Emory UniversityAtlanta, GA. March 8, 2016.

Invited speaker: "DANA: Novel instrumentation for near-simultaneous measurement of dopamine release and single-unit/local-field activity". Pittcon in Atlanta GA,  March 7, 2016.

Speaker: A public talk at Magpie's Pizza, 4th Ave., "Riding the (Brain) Waves: How Brains and Drugs Produce Hallucinations." Tucson. Feb 16, 2016.

Invited speaker: Arizona Integrated Wellness Cooperative (AIWC). September 22, 2015 Title: “Memories are made of this: How our brains create the past.”

Faculty Host: For Ralph Greenspan, Ph.D. (UCSD), Held at University of Arizona, September 2015. Neuroscience Seminar Series Talk: “The Fruit Fly and the B.R.A.I.N. Initiative.”

Invited speaker: U of A Psychology Dept. Undergraduate Honors Seminar. September 15, 2015 Title: “Research and Research Opportunities in the Cowen Laboratory.”

Invited speaker: U of A Medical School: Medical School Residents Journal Club. September 7, 2015 Title: “Ketamine and neural oscillations.”

Invited consultant: Science and Entertainment Exchange (National Academy of Sciences). Consultation on hemineglect for a writer/producer developing a film script.

Invited speaker: UC Davis. Davis CA, May 8, 2015 Title: “The Influence of Aging on the Variability of Neuronal Activity”

Invited speaker: McKnight Brain Institute Meeting. Miami FL, May 1, 2015 Title: “The Influence of Aging on the Variability of Neuronal Activity”

Invited speaker: Undergraduate Neuroscience Association, March 23, 2015 Title: “The Circuitry of Choice: Roles of neural activity and neuromodulation in decision making”

Invited speaker: Quantitative Biology Colloquium, University of Arizona February 3, 2015, Title: “Ripples, Neurons, and Aging”

Invited speaker: Graduate Interdisciplinary DataBlitz, University of Arizona, January 26, 2015, Title: “Effort, Reward, and Dopamine”

Invited speaker: NAWBO Women’s Business Wellness Workshop, Tucson, January 12 “Move it or lose it: How our bodies empower our brains”

Invited speaker: Workshop on the Computational Properties of the Prefrontal Cortex, Whistler, BC (Canada), Sept 2014. Title: “Effort and the Anterior Cingulate”

Invited speaker: Rising Stars in Neuroscience lecture, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, Gainesville, Florida, April. 24, 2014. Title: “Neural System, Networks, and the Impact of Aging”

Faculty Host: For Doug Nitz, Ph.D., University of Arizona, February 2014. CNS Seminar Series Talk: “Cell Assemblies of the Basal Forebrain”

Invited speaker: University of Arizona Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute Scientific Program (Tucson, Arizona), Oct. 23, 2013. Title: “The Impact of Aging on Physiology and Function of the Prefrontal Cortex”

Invited speaker for the Neural Circuits of Adaptive Control workshop (Paris, France) Sept. 28 2013 Title: “The Measurement and Meaning of Effort Guided Behavior”

Invited speaker at the COSYNE computational neuroscience conference. (Salt Lake City, Utah) March 1, 2013. Title: “Beyond the cost of work: Relationships between physical effort, risk, and reward.”

Invited speaker: University of Arizona Neuroscience DataBlitz Aug 28 2012 Tucson AZ. “Action and Effort in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex”

Invited speaker at Decision Making in Rodents and Primates Conference, Heidelberg, Germany Sept. 28, 2012. Title: “Actions first, outcomes second: Sensorimotor and outcome processing in the dmPFC”

Invited speaker: Inter-departmental University of Arizona seminars including the Cognitive Science Brown Bag, Neuroscience Seminar Series, and Neurology Journal Club, Biochemistry Journal Club.

Invited lecturer Title: “What is computational neuroscience” Frances Parker High School, May 2011 San Diego, CA.

Invited lecturer Title: “Embodied Cognition” for the Casa de Mañana retirement community, the Minding the Brian Symposium, May 2010 San Diego, CA.

Consultant for the Science and Entertainment Exchange (National Academy of Sciences) 2010 Los Angeles, CA