Erin Mamaril was interviewed on KXCI about the work she does in the lab with Dan Hill, and it is fantastic. Congratulation Erin! You are a master communicator.



Four Questions: Chronic Pain and How It Affects the Brain

UA Alumni Association magazine...

and UA News...



A UA interview on our chronic pain just went live: Four Questions: Chronic Pain and How It Affects the Brain



JP and I have a little piece in the AZ Star... (you need to dig through a number of  articles to find it...)


Just accepted....

Parent K, Hill D, Crown L, Wiegand J, Gies K, Miller MMM, Atcherley CA, Heien ML, Cowen SL, (2017) A platform to enable combined measurement of dopamine and neural activity (DANA), Analytical Chemistry, in press.


Our collaborative work with Dr. Russ Witte to develop a new ultrasound imaging device was just featured on the PBS Cronkite News....

and the Tucson Sentinel

The Daily Wildcat...


Our ripple and aging paper was just accepted at the Journal of Neuorscience! 

Wiegand JL, Gray DT, Schimanski LA, Lipa P, Barnes CA, Cowen SL (2016) Age is associated with reduced sharp-wave ripple frequency and altered patterns of neuronal variability, In press: J Neurosci.


A Science Cafe talk at Magpies Pizza: Riding the (Brain) Waves: How Brains and Drugs Produce Hallucinations


Our work was just showcased through an interview with Dr. Leslie Tolbert on NPR 89.1: Arizona Spotlight Episode 11: How our brain makes up its mind.


Our collaboration with Dr. Russ Witte was just highlighted on UA Now!


A video of me and Dr. Michael Heien about our NSF Brain Initiative grant to develop new technologies for the simultaneous recording of both dopamine release and ensemble activity in the brain.

Cowen, S.L., Heien, M.A. Video interview for UA Now regarding collaborative research and technology development: